Phlox, Splashgirl (NOR), Zahir • 31.05 • Sveta

Damn.Loud Agency esitleb :
Külla tuleb Norra drone-jazz trio Splashgirl! Kohalik tugi Eesti parimate müra-avantgardistide Phlox’i ja Zahir’i poolt!


Splashgirl (NOR)
“A masterclass in creating spaces and sparsely populating them. (…) Remarkable stuff, and strikingly original.”
“Field Day Rituals is one of those works which you just know is going to move you.” Prog Magazine

“Shrouded in mystery and a brilliant defiance of any notion of career, Estonian legends Zahir have somehow managed to release their second album in 25 years and it’s a dark, brooding, bass driven monolithic supernaut of post punk genius with brilliant song titles like ‘Nice Parking, Asshole’” – Louder Than War

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