TMW 2020: Void Valley
27. august • sveta baar

TMW 2020: GROM
28. august • sveta baar

TMW 2020: Metal Stage
29. august • Von Krahl

TMW 2020: Sevkabel & Stereoleto
29. august • Noblessneri Valukoda

the kvb
30. august • kablys, vilnius

soviet soviet
25. september • sveta baar

11. oktoober • sveta baar

15. oktoober • sveta baar

22. oktoober • sveta baar

26. veebruar 2021 • Sveta Baar

27-28. november • Uue Loomingu Maja

18. aprill 2021 • Sveta Baar

Big Brave
20. mai 2021 • Sveta Baar

Judas priest
30. mai 2021 • tallinna lauluväljak

18. august 2021 • rock café

Damn.Loud is independent concert & festival promoter and booking & production agency from Tallinn, Estonia. Our main goal is to offer international touring artists all over the world a platform for their music in Estonia and Baltic countries overall. Also, we like to believe that we are a good partner for Estonian artists and musicians, helping them to get their music outside of Estonia. Our main focus are artists with independent background – everything from jazz to stoner rock, from synth-pop to death metal. Our aim is to create shows we would enjoy watching and listening to by ourselves. Comfort of the artist, memories of the visitor and production quality are our main values. We believe that developing culture, music and arts will bring us a better future!

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We take care of:
— Organise and promote over 50 shows yearly in different venues in Tallinn, Estonia;
— Book tours and festivals in Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia through our partner network;
— Promote our own GROM MMXX festival;
— Curate the programme, book and produce Tallinn Music Week;
— Curate the programme, book and produce Station Narva festival;
— Provide sound&light solution for one of the greatest venues in Tallinn – Sveta Baar;
Backline and sound rental, as well as production/crew services for different festivals and events;
— Member of Music Estonia and Live Music Estonia;
— FOH/MON Sound Engineer and TM services.

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